Please ensure you have read through the information afore you come to class.
The document below outline the procedures and processes which are required for parents and students when entering the facilities. 
NGA Covid 19 Reopening Policy
NGA Covid 19 Symptoms & Attendance Policy
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Around the studios we have a number of posters on walls as a reminder to social distance, sanitise hands, avoid face touching, and to cough into an arm. 

Covid Requirements

In order to return to activities we are following requirements advised by the Department of Health. 

  1. Staff need to sight or request copies of vaccination certificates for all students returning that are over the age of 16.  NO certificate, NO entry.

  2. Students under 16, the parents need to show vaccination status of all family members over the age of 16.  NO vaccinated, NO entry

  3. Masks are mandatory whilst inside at all times for all students and staff over the age of 12, NO exemptions unless a medical certificate is received.

  4. All students and staff are to use hand sanitizer at all times on entry and exit.

  5. Any staff or student with an exemption on vaccination needs to come from a specialist advising.


From the 1st December we will be allowing Non vaccinated people to attend classes.