Welcome to Northern Illawarra Dance Company

Our goal is to provide high quality dance education for all ages and ability levels in a fun and friendly atmosphere. We believe that dance is one of the best ways people can express themselves, and at NIDC we focus on building confidence and self expression in a nurturing environment.

Most importantly, we believe that a dance school should be a fostering environment, where people of all ages can be a part of a community and build friendships for life.
With our an amazing team of experiences teachers, Northern Illawarra Dance Company there is a focus on creating strong, technical and expressive dancers throughout a general love and passion for Dance!

No matter what style you are interested in, NIDC offers a large range of classes that should suit your age and ability level, be that beginner, intermediate, senior or open. 

Dance Trials

With many classes on offer, we encourage a free trial class for any friends or new students wanting to experience NIDC.

Just let your teacher or an office staff member know, we'll sign in your child and off they go to enjoy the class. 

When trying a class it is encouraged children wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Once signed up with us, proper shoes will have to be purchased to ensure correct technique is being achieved. 

Covid requirements & Guide

Please read through our Covid guide. It sets out the new procedures when entering, exiting and dancing within our studio. 

NIDC-  Back to Dance procedures

The club will look to open its doors on the 25th October. 

All staff will be fully vaccinated. 

All children attending must have both parents fully vaccinated and any students over 16 have to be full vaccinated.

We will be abiding by the 4 metre square rule, with a max of 20

From the 1st December  we will allow non vaccinated  children to attend. 

Thank you & thanks for your patience during these hard times. 

We look forward to seeing you again.

Our Classes


Ballet involved a range of steps, poses and movements such as jumping, stretching, spinning, rising and more. As the foundation for all styles, ballet builds strong and disciplined dancers.


An umbrella term for styles including lyrical and contemporary. Modern combines the technique of jazz and classical ballet. Dancers gain fluidity, grace and control. 


A style of dance that involves sharp, high energy movement. Jazz is strongly influenced by pop culture and often danced to that latest hit songs. Jazz enhances flexibility, movement and fitness skills. 


A blend of the old and the new; tap combines dance and musicality to develop a dancers rhythm and beat.


Acrobatics involves strength, stretch and control. It combines tumbling, contortion and lifts to build fit, skilled dancers


Street Kidz
(Hip Hop)

A street style originating from 1970s 'The Bronz', NY. Hip Hop is constantly changing and evolving, but is characterised by the free, soulful expression of movement

Jumps, Leaps & Turns

Jumps, Leaps and Turns focuses on technique and alignment. Dancers work on their flexibility, strength and precision through individualised exercises designed to improve skills in dance.

Introducing our New Head Dance Teacher

_____ Our Teachers ____


Genevieve Davis

Genevieve Davis is a singer, actor, songwriter who began her performing career on stage as a dancer at four years old under the guidance of Diane Blaas school of dance in the Illawarra. At 14 years she made her first tv appearance singing in the Gong show. At 16 years old she made her professional debut in opera Australia’s 1989 production of Albert herring.

She was amongst the very first graduates of the talent development project (TDP) founded by Mary Lopez and the late Jack Neary. Since then Gen has toured Australia in the following productions: Hair (ensemble), Blues in the night (principal),  Joseph and the amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (chorus and understudy to lead role), The wedding song (lead in associatiation with NIDA), Porgy and the Bess (principal), sisterella (understudy to lead role), Larry alder (Lead singer), Rent (principal), The revolution will not be televised (principal), Burn the floor (Oz, Europe, USA – lead singer), The violent Hour( Ensemble Theatre – Principal), and most recently ‘The School of Rock’ (Sydney Season).

The 90s also saw Gen singing on every major Australian Tv variety show throughout the years including Carols in the domain. She was exclusively contracted for four years to be the face and voice of NSW tourism in Australia and Asia which lead her to perform at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. She recorded “sail down To Australia” to commemorate Australia winning the 2000 Olympic Bid. She was lead singer at the 2000 Olympic Soccer opening. She also sang with various bands and supported work music artist Angelique Kidjo.

Her film credits include: The neighbourhood (USA), Superman Return (USA), The Helen Reedy story, I am women (OZ). Her recordings include 1992 hair cast, once in a blue moon – A tribute to Australian Musicals, Burn the floor. The last 6 years Gen has sung with an original Acapella group. ‘The Glamma Rays’ who released 2 EP’s independently. Gen is a keen piano player and drum kit an d Djembe player. Genevieve has previously been nominated for a MO award and a green room award.

Meet the Teachers 



Kell grew up on the South Coast of NSW and has been dancing for over 10+ years.

Kell is trained in the styles of Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical (just to name a few) and has been showcasing his skills performing in various performance groups and companies since the age of 11. 

Kell has had many great opportunities with dance but a highlight would be performing for the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge with Bangarra Dance Theatre in 2015. Kell continues to take classes whenever possible in various styles to ensure he is learning new styles and techniques to incorporate into his classes at NIDC.



Kathryn began dancing at the age of 5 under the tutelage of Diane Blaas, and has since tried a wide variety of styles, ranging from ballet, tap & jazz to ballroom &highland. Ever since dancing around the living room as a young child to the ‘soundtrack of 'Snow White', she has been drawn to and appreciates the world of dance and music.

Kathryn completed her RAD Advanced One Ballet Examination in 2014, and has completed Highland and Tap examinations. She has a keen interest and appreciation of ballet and will forever be a part of the dancing world, be that front or back of house.


Whilst a major passion, Kathryn has also completed a Bachelor of Arts and Creative Arts Degree and Administration course. She continues to study, completing a Masters of Teaching, specialising in Secondary education. 



Lauren began dancing at the age of 3 & has been training in jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary and tap for over 10 years. She has been competing in competitions and doing performances since she was 5 years old. Lauren began teaching in 2017, teaching all styles and ages. She continues to take dance class, to ensure her classes are relevant and her students are learning the best technique and skills to meet their fullest potential.