Welcome to Northern Gymnastics Academy 

Our goal is to provide high quality gymnastics lessons to students of all ages and abilities in a nurturing environment. We believe that gymnastics is a sport that should be part of each child's development. It teaches basic coordination, flexibility and strength.


It also teaches young children key life skills such as discipline, focus, dedication and teaches them how to handle challenges and how to deal with successes or failures. But most importantly gymnastics allows students to make memories and friendships for life.


Covid Guide

Please read through our Covid guide. It sets out our procedures for entering/exiting and what to do if feeling ill afore entering the gym. 

NGA Covid 19 Symptoms & Attendance Policy

We offer a range of classes for all ages and skill abilities. We have classes for infants, children and teenagers, for those wanting to enjoy the sport recreationally and those who wish to go on to compete in competitions. 


Meet our Senior Coaches

I truely believe Gymnastics gives you such a good grounding & teachers valuable life lessons. I love working with kids, building relationships & watching my squad grow over the years.
I did competitive gymnastics from the age of 6 to 9 & have coached for 14 years! 
I am also a Primary School Teacher. 


Current Accreditations – Advanced WAG coach & Intermediate WAG judge

Classes – Sapphire Squad

Favourite coaching style - Beam

Hobbies – Spending time with my daughter Amarli

Fun fact - I can still do a press to handstand

I love seeing the kids grow in confidence when training & seeing their smiling faces. Seeing the skill improvement is what makes the job so worthwhile to me.
I am completed my Bachelor of Exercise Science at UOW & currently completing my Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology.


Current Accreditations – Advanced Module 1 Coach & Beginner Judge

Classes – Intermediate Gym stars, Senior Gym stars, Kindy Gym

Favourite coaching style – Tumbling

Hobbies – training on the beach with savvy fitness

Fun fact – I’ve travelled to America, France, Japan, Thailand & Bali. Keen to explore more of the world!

I coach because I love to see the girls improve & grow as gymnasts across the year & help them achieve their goal. 
I have coached for 8 years!
I am enrolled in University and work at a Real Estate. 


Current Accreditations - Advanced WAG Judge & Advanced WAG Module 1 Coach

Favourite coaching style - Vault
Classes - Lava Squad (Level 4/5)

Hobbies - Surf Life Saving (patrolling and competing)

Fun Fact - My favourite place in the world is Bali & I visit annually

I coach because I love seeing kids’ faces when they learn a new skill, but most enjoy teaching students to be resilient, persistent and hardworking in gym and life.
 I started doing gym when I was 5 – 14 & have been coaching ever since.
Apart from work I am studying a Bachelor of Exercise Science.


Current Accreditations – Advanced WAG Module 1 Coach & WAG judge

Classes – Turquoise Squad (Level 4) & Advanced Tumbling

Favourite coaching style – Vault & tumbling

Hobbies- Anything & everything involving being outside, with my friends, or at the beach with my dog.

Fun fact – My absolute, most favourite place in the whole world is Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada

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