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Senior Coach Profiles

_____ Meet our Staff ____

I truely believe Gymnastics gives you such a good grounding & teachers valuable life lessons. I love working with kids, building relationships & watching my squad grow over the years.
I did competitive gymnastics from the age of 6 to 9 & have coached for 14 years! 
I am also a Primary School Teacher. 


Current Accreditations – Advanced WAG coach & Intermediate WAG judge

Classes – Sapphire Squad

Favourite coaching style - Beam

Hobbies – Spending time with my daughter Amarli

Fun fact - I can still do a press to handstand

I love seeing the kids grow in confidence when training & seeing their smiling faces. Seeing the skill improvement is what makes the job so worthwhile to me.
I am completed my Bachelor of Exercise Science at UOW & currently completing my Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology.


Current Accreditations – Advanced Module 1 Coach & Beginner Judge

Classes – Intermediate Gym stars, Senior Gym stars, Kindy Gym

Favourite coaching style – Tumbling

Hobbies – training on the beach with savvy fitness

Fun fact – I’ve travelled to America, France, Japan, Thailand & Bali. Keen to explore more of the world!

I coach because I love to see the girls improve & grow as gymnasts across the year & help them achieve their goal. 
I have coached for 8 years!
I am enrolled in University and work at a Real Estate. 


Current Accreditations - Advanced WAG Judge & Advanced WAG Module 1 Coach

Favourite coaching style - Vault
Classes - Lava Squad (Level 4/5)

Hobbies - Surf Life Saving (patrolling and competing)

Fun Fact - My favourite place in the world is Bali & I visit annually

I coach because I love seeing kids’ faces when they learn a new skill, but most enjoy teaching students to be resilient, persistent and hardworking in gym and life.
 I started doing gym when I was 5 – 14 & have been coaching ever since.
Apart from work I am studying a Bachelor of Exercise Science.


Current Accreditations – Advanced WAG Module 1 Coach & WAG judge

Classes – Turquoise Squad (Level 4) & Advanced Tumbling

Favourite coaching style – Vault & tumbling

Hobbies- Anything & everything involving being outside, with my friends, or at the beach with my dog.

Fun fact – My absolute, most favourite place in the whole world is Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada